Abstract subm

Now available: Book of Abstracts (282 pages - PDF) 

Participants are invited to submit abstracts in the following categories for oral and poster presentations:

  • Policy and Practice
  • Research
  • Training and Education

Participants may also submit abstracts for Workshops (separate guidelines to follow).

Abstracts submitted can cover any of the following groups or topics;

Groups: migrants, ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants.


    • Socio –Demographic determinants 
    • Political determinants for health and the policy environment; (including entitlements, economic factors and ethical challenges) 
    • Access and equality of health care services; disparities and inequities
    • Social exclusion and marginalization
    • Health system responsiveness to diversity; Good practices 
    • User involvement and participation; Empowerment and levers for change
    • Professional Training and Education
    • Policies and practices affecting the living and working conditions that impact health; work safety