Instructions to poster presenters

We look forward to learning about your latest scientific results at the EUPHA-MEMH Conference in Oslo.

Please note that registration and payment is essential. If you have not done so within the appropriate deadline, your abstract will not be included in the program.

Poster Prizes

Thanks to a generous contribution from The Norwegian Medical Association, we are offering great Poster Prizes!

Preparing your poster:

  • Paper posters only. No electronic displays
  • Posters are displayed in PORTRAIT format, not landscape.

Poster Sizes:

Maximum size: A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm)
Preferred size: B1 (707 mm × 1000 mm)
Minimum size: B2 (500 mm × 707 mm)

Some tips on how to prepare your poster:

  • Have a catchy heading with big text (at least 48 pitch)
  • Bring the conclusion up front in the poster and present it as ‘bullets’.
  • Avoid long sentences, but try to make all your text messages in bullets.
  • Avoid detailed tables, but try to illustrate your results in graphs and flow charts.
  • Do not use capitals as they are more difficult to read than normal text.
  • Use at least pitch 24 throughout the text and numbers, as it should be possible to read the whole poster on some metres distance.
  • Colours can be used to stress certain sections, but do not exaggerate.
  • Prepare a small plastic pocket for business cards and A4 copies of the poster, which can be taken by colleagues interested in your poster.

Displaying your poster:

  • Authors will receive information about assigned days when the programme is published online
  • Please bring the printed poster with you (hard copy) to the conference. The organisers do not offer facilities for printing your poster.
  • Bring your poster to the Registration Desk in the morning of the same day as your assigned day, as we cannot offer safekeeping for your poster. Thursday presenters report to the Registration Desk no later than 9:00 am. Friday presenters report to the Registration Desk no later than 8:30 am
  • The Registration Desk will tell you where and how to hang up your poster. You must hang it up yourself. We’ll help you if you need.
  • Posters will be displayed for one day only.
  • There will not be separate poster sessions where authors are required to be present. Instead, a time will be set aside for a Poster Walk Through on each poster day. Although authors need not be present, it is still a good idea in case the Poster Jury has questions about your poster.
  • You are responsible for collecting your poster at the end of your day (Thursday 16:45-18:45 and Friday 15:45-17:45)


Do I need to register if I am a presenter?
Yes, all presenters must register and pay the registration fee within the deadline. Presenters who have not paid will not be included in the conference program.

What do I do with my poster when I arrive?
First of all, register yourself at the Registration Desk at your earliest possible convenience (registration opens Wednesday, June 22, at 10 o’clock).

Then, bring your poster to the Registration Desk on the morning of your assigned presentation day. The crew at the Registration Desk will tell you what to do and where to hang up your poster.

Can I hand in  my poster early?
No. We have don’t have a place to keep your posters, so you cannot hand in your poster in advance. You must bring your poster to the Registration Desk on the same day as your assigned session.

How do I find out when my assigned day is?
Authors will find information about their assigned sessions when the conference programme is posted online.

Can I present on a particular day?
Yes, we will do our best to accomodate requests to present on specific dates. Be sure to send us your request before April 22nd. Keep in mind that you may be placed in a parallel session which thematically differs from the subject of your abstract.

Can I change the presenting author of my abstract?
Yes, you can. Please send an email to with the name of the old presenter, the submission title and ID, and the name of the new presenter. Deadline for requests: April 22nd.