How to send presentation files to the Secretariat

Send your file as an email attachment to:

Deadline for submitting files:
Friday, June 17th

The email message must include:

– Your name
– Presentation title
– Submission ID

The first page of your presentation file must include:

– Your name
– Presentation title

Transfer problems?
If your file is very large, your email account may block your attachment.

If this happens or you encounter other problems transferring the file, just send us a message and explain your problem. We will find a solution.

What happens with your file?
As soon as we have recieved your file, it will be checked and indexed. The file will be accessible to you and the session chair on your assigned presentation day.

After we have received and checked your file, you will get a receipt by email from the Secretariat.

Very important:
The receipt is confirmation that the Secretariat has actually received your file. Your file has not been officially received unless you get a receipt.

If you have not received a receipt by email within two days, you MUST contact us.

At the venue
We expect queues during registration, so presenters are asked to register at their earliest possible convenience and not later than the morning of the assigned day. Early registration opens at 10 o’clock on June 22.

Presenters must report at their assigned session rooms 15 minutes in advance.

Bring backup of your file
You are responsible for a backup of your presentation, in case your file gets lost or damaged. So please don’t forget to bring an extra copy of your presentation.

Copying your presentation material onto an USB-stick or sending it to your own e-mail address are good ideas.

Deadline for submitting files:
Friday, June 17th


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