Instructions to oral presenters

We look forward to learning about your latest scientific results at the EUPHA-MEMH Conference in Oslo.

Please note that registration and payment is essential. If you have not done so within the appropriate deadline, your abstract will not be included in the program.

Presentation Prizes

Thanks to a contribution from Oslo University Hospital, we are offering a cash prize for Best Oral Presentation.

What you must know

  • Date and time of presentation: A programme including parallel sessions will be posted on the conference site. Presenters will receive a message from the organisers when the detailed scheduling has been completed.
  • The length of your presentation must not exceed 10 minutes; that includes time for discussion and questions. Keep in mind that parallel sessions are conducted under strict time management.
  • You are responsible for a backup of your presentation, in case your file gets lost or damaged. So please don’t forget to bring an extra copy of your presentation. Copying your presentation material onto an extra USB-stick or sending it to your own e-mail address are good ideas.
  • Deadline for sending your presentation files to the organisers: Friday, 17 June. How to send your presentation file to the Secretariat
  • Special needs: Let us know if you have special needs, e.g. wheelchair access. Also, our technical staff would appreciate if you let us know in advance if your presentation involves more than Power Point, such as video or sound.

Session room  equipment

  • Every room is equipped with a PC, projector, and screen.
  • For each room, a Room Host is available for technical assistance.

Advice on preparing your presentation

  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse so you can make a clear presentation. Do not read your presentation from a manuscript.
  • Very important: speak slowly and clearly and limit the number of Power-Point slides. If you have too many slides, you have to speak faster and the messages will be lost.
  • For 10 minutes of presentation, you can prepare around 10 (maximum 15) slides including the introduction and end slide.
  • Be sure that the PowerPoint slides have the same layout all the way through.
  • Observe that the content on each slide is not too detailed.
  • Avoid showing big tables (“busy slides”) and then ask people just to concentrate on a small part of the table. Prepare the results specific for your presentation.
  • Text and numbers should be of a sufficient size to be read also in the rear part of the auditorium, so limit numbers of words and figures on each slide and do not use less than 24 pitch. Concentrate the text to a few words per line and maximum 5-7 lines at each slide.
  • The slides should – in short sentences and figures – support your oral presentation and not being a book from which you read your oral presentation.
  • The possibilities of animations are numerous. Please do not exaggerate.
  • Graphs and figures are often better than tables at an oral presentation. Flow charts are very appropriate to describe material.
  • If you wish to add films or other sorts of interactive materials, please include these in the presentation (do not access them through internet, as this may not work to your satisfaction) and inform the organisers beforehand.


Do I need to register if I am a presenter?
Yes, all presenters must register and pay the registration fee within the deadline.

How do I send my presentation files to the organisers?
The deadline for sending your presentation files is Friday, 17 June. How to send your presentation file to the Secretariat

What do I do when I arrive at the conference venue?
Register yourself at the Registration Desk at your earliest possible convenience and not later than the morning of your assigned presentation day. (Registration opens Wednesday, June 22, at 10 o’clock).

The crew at the Registration Desk will tell you what to do and where your session room is.

When do I need to be in my session room?
Breaks between sessions are very brief. You are therefore requested to report to your session room 15 minutes in advance.

How do I find out when my assigned day is?
Authors will receive information about assigned sessions after the conference programme is posted online.

Can I present on a particular day?
Yes, we will do our best to accomodate requests to present on specific dates. Be sure to send us your request before April 22nd. Keep in mind that you may be placed in a parallel session which thematically differs from the subject of your abstract.

Can I change the presenting author of my abstract?
Yes, you can. Please send an email to with the name of the old presenter, the submission title and ID, and the name of the new presenter. Deadline for requests: April 22nd.


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