Nathalie Simonnot

nathalie-simonnot-croppa-200pxNathalie Simonnot is deputy director of Doctors of the World- Médecins du monde (MdM) International Network.

She is in charge of the quality of domestic programs in 15 countries, network advocacy and communication.

She speaks many languages, has studied Public Health, has developed the MdM programs in France (1993-2008) in order to obtain major legal changes (universal health coverage, harm reduction), created the Observatory of access to healthcare in France and at an European/international level.

She publishes each year a report together with Dr Pierre Chauvin (INSERM) on social determinants of health & state of health for people facing multiple vulnerability factors (in 13 countries in 2016). Harm reduction activist (with drug users & sex workers), volunteer in the field, fighting for equity.

European Network to reduce vulnerabilities in health